June 16, 2019

Portrait Photography

Today I visited the About Face exhibit at Pier 24 in San Francisco.

The entire exhibit is dedicated to various forms of portrait photography. Some of the masters were included – Diane Arbus, Lee Friedlander, and Richard Avedon – and there were many that I’ve never seen before. Many points of view, time periods and foreign locations were represented.

I was in heaven! I have loved photography for more than half of my life.

On occasion, I do “head shot” photography for websites and social media; sometimes even for online dating. My goal is to have my subjects enjoy the experience and come away with many images .. to see themselves as appealing, approachable, friendly, and / or professional.

After seeing the show today, I was reminded that portrait photography provides an opportunity to tell a story.  It’s time to take out the camera and look for some interesting stories.

To learn more about the exhibit – www.pier24.org.

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