July 21, 2019

About Us

Lynn A. Deglin
Lynn A. Deglin, of Deglin Designs, is originally from Philadelphia and has also lived and worked in Washington, DC and NYC, NY.  She moved to the Silicon Valley, CA area in 1994.

After getting her degree from Temple University, she worked in broadcasting for 5 years. During that time, she became skilled in using broadccasting applications and, as a result, decided to return to school for a Masters Degree in Information Systems.

In subsequent years, she worked as a Systems Analyst / Business Analyst and Project Lead / Project Manager for a publisher, a think tank, the federal government and many high tech companies.

After being laid off during the Dot Bomb, she had the opportunity to retrain and decided to study graphic and web design.

Lynn believes that graphic and web design are amazing fields with never-ending opportunities to learn more.  She finds the work to be interesting and challenging including the use of sophisticated software tools, working with printers or sign makers, partnering with clients and fulfilling their needs, and creating the end product which can take many forms.

Lynn is pleased to be able to apply many of her existing skills such as working with clients, managing projects, interfacing with vendors and using a methodology.   In addition, she likes to make the process an educational one for her clients.  In this way, they can participate fully and feel more comfortable with the graphic and web design process.

Lynn’s primary clients are small businesses that either need a new website or enhancements to an existing website, logos and/or other marketing materials, or head shots for their business or personal marketing.

Lynn has been involved with photography for a good part of her life.  She took her first photography class at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, DC and is now on her third camera.  She continues to do photography as often as possible.