July 21, 2019

Portrait Photography

Today I visited the About Face exhibit at Pier 24 in San Francisco.

The entire exhibit is dedicated to various forms of portrait photography. Some of the masters were included – Diane Arbus, Lee Friedlander, and Richard Avedon – and there were many that I’ve never seen before. Many points of view, time periods and foreign locations were represented.

I was in heaven! I have loved photography for more than half of my life.

On occasion, I do “head shot” photography for websites and social media; sometimes even for online dating. My goal is to have my subjects enjoy the experience and come away with many images .. to see themselves as appealing, approachable, friendly, and / or professional.

After seeing the show today, I was reminded that portrait photography provides an opportunity to tell a story.  It’s time to take out the camera and look for some interesting stories.

To learn more about the exhibit – www.pier24.org.

Pet Services Website

I recently launched a replacement site for Annette Follas, The Pet Nanny. Her original site had not been updated in years and was not doing anything for her.

What was interesting to me about this site?

1. Annette is an astute and experienced business woman and it was wonderful to learn about her services.

2. Annette provided all of the images of her delightful clients who just love her.

3. Annette was a great communicator and lovely to work with.

Please check out her site – www.annettethepetnanny.com

Every website project is different

Before working with a new client, I use an extensive list of questions to understand what the website project will include.

This covers –

  • is there already a logo
  • what colors are preferred and work the best
  • is there any interest in social media
  • are there any existing photos or videos
  • is there a need for any forms
  • if e-commerce is required
  • have keywords been determined

Depending on the client’s responses, the project is then scoped and possibly phased.

I prepare an individualized statement of work which the client and I both sign before proceeding.

With my background in project management, I can attest to the importance of doing this preliminary work.

Criteria for Hiring a Web Designer

Many people focus their web designer selection on price point or the look and feel of the designer’s websites.

There are many other criteria that are important as well –

1. how experienced is the designer?

2. how responsive and available is the designer?

3. are you comfortable with the designer?

4. does the designer ask you questions?

5. does the designer have a professional demeanor?

6. does the designer formalize your project with a legal agreement?

7. is the designer forthcoming with information and explain it in an easy to understand manner?

8. does the designer have access to other resources you may need for your project?

9. are you planning to do your own updates?

10. which web platform is the designer recommending?

Please let me know if you like more information and thanks for reading!

Questions to ask when hiring a web designer 3

In order to do your own updates, it is really important that the web designer provides some training. This would include things such as: creating lists, creating links, adding images, adding pages or posts, editing existing content, etc..

While many website platforms are touted as being user friendly, it is still important to have a thorough understanding of how to do the updates.

So, the question to ask your designer is – Do you provide any training and, if so, what does it cover?

Questions to ask when hiring a web designer 2

Clients often want to do their own updates.

So why then are they hiring designers to do custom websites?

This will work fine if the clients understand HTML and how to adjust images.

Many do not.

As a result, they must continue to pay a designer or the site languishes.

The question to ask is – Will I be able to do my own updates?

Check out Holly Osment’s new website

This is Holly’s first website!  She is a Marriage and Family Counselor based in Los Gatos, CA.  She provides services to individuals, couples, teens and has several specialties:  bipolar, hypnosis, premarital, and sexual issues.

Please check it out and thanks! www.hollyosment.com

Questions to ask when hiring a web designer

As a designer, I come across a wide variety of issues for clients with already developed websites.

For starters, I don’t think that we can assume that the client will always be with us.

I promote that the client’s name be on the hosting account as well as the domain account (this may not be the same vendor).

I’m currently working with a client whose last designer hosted her site on his own server and he purchased the domain name.  We’re currently working our way through resolving this.  We have FTP access only.  As a result, I’m not able to access cpanel and I want to switch her to a WordPress site.

So clients, the question up front would be – will my name be on the hosting and the domain accounts?

Check out Liz Ainsworth’s new website

Liz Ainsworth and I are thrilled to announce the release of her new website.

Please check it out – www.lifebydesigncenter.com

Welcome to Deglin Designs

More to come!

What would YOU like to discuss?

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