July 21, 2019


Web: So, Lynn Deglin was my third website creator, and she was everything the first two couldn’t be. What a dream she is to work with! I wanted a collaborator who would help me with the technical side and artistic side, but also work WITH me, so that the final product was one that really worked for me. Lynn fit the bill to a tee. Her fees were extremely reasonable and I couldn’t be more pleased with the results. Here’s the best part: I am very comfortable now with going into the site and making changes all by my little non-technical self.   Please feel free to check out the site: www.bethproudfoot.com and, if you have any critical feedback, please let me know…I CAN tweek it myself!
Beth Proudfoot, MFT

Graphics: Lynn Deglin was instrumental in having our needs fulfilled whereas other graphic designers fell short. Our expectations were enormous and we expected nothing short of the vision we had for our graphics work and Lynn delivered on all our demands. Lynn not only met with us in person as many times it took to get a clear understanding of what our needs were but she made as many corrections as the project required. We are extremely happy with the quality of work and the final results of our project; we will continue to utilize Lynn’s craftsmanship and talents for the needs of our growing company.
Nathaniel Singh, VP, FAF Group

Photography: I highly recommend Lynn Deglin’s photography work.  I was very happy with the pictures and had a great time during the session.  Lynn has a good eye for capturing the moment and the mood as well as understanding what makes a good location.  I’ve received many compliments on my photos and plan to have another session with Lynn.
Shari Klein, Owner, Viral Visalus

Web: I want to thank Lynn Deglin for the work she did on developing my website.  I appreciate the adaptation of the header, the color selection, the setup of the bookstore, and the overall “look n feel” of the website.

It does take time and patience to work back and forth with someone to create a website that’s satisfying from a practical standpoint and that presents the desired image.

I am looking forward to expanding the website as the business grows.
Lee Hartley, Hartley Publishing & Consulting

Graphics: I am a one-person small business owner. I needed a great logo that would project the ideas that I wanted people to get about my business– something that would give them the feeling that they would like to do business with me. I am a stickler for presentation. It had to be good so I could feel confident putting it on all my marketing collateral. I really needed someone who could take my ideas and create a distinctive, smart looking logo.

Lynn Deglin did it! She listened to my ideas and creative input and produced a logo—a work of art really—that met my requirement. During the process Lynn was very responsive. She accepted my artistic input. She listened. She guided me to clarify and refine my vision. And I now have the logo I had hoped for. With Lynn’s expertise I got my high-quality logo, with minimum time spent and at a reasonable cost.
Gerry Benton, Golf Teaching Professional

Photography: I am putting these words everywhere that I post the headshots that Lynn Deglin gave me. I kind thought I knew, everybody says that Lynni is great at making you feel relaxed and comfortable, but I wasn’t expecting to have so much FUN!  I laughed the whole time, and I learned to build a relationship with the camera (that was the trick I just learned, disassociate from the photographer, she’s too busy working anyway, it’s the camera that needs to love you! remember hearing that? “oh the camera just LOVES her?” well that’s the trick).

Lynn has a really really good eye for what will and won’t work for you. “I don’t think serious photos work with you,” she said. Fine with me, I got to keep laughing some more…

The location she picked was gorgeous, and calming just by being there, outside but quiet, beautiful but private, and while I was learning to ham and making faces she always knew just exactly the moment to snap the picture.

I love the results, my family love the results, and I finally have some headshot photos I don’t have to feel apologetic about.

Thank you Lynn, you’re the best!!
— Lauren Delp, Cardea